Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is the standard type of spreadsheet document creation program used in the corporate and academic worlds.

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Microsoft Excel
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8 Days

About the Course

In today's current labour market, employers are looking for candidates who can keep up with a fast-paced work environment and who have strong digital skills. In this workshop, you will learn to create and edit basic Excel worksheets, use templates, and format cells. This is intended for learners who want to get up to speed with Microsoft Excel and achieve a stronger understanding of the software to work with electronic spreadsheets.



·      Gettingto Know Excel

·      Exploringa Workbook

·      Formulasand Functions

·      FormattingWorkbooks

·      FormattingNumbers

·      FormattingWorksheet Cells

·      Workingwith Themes

·      Formattingfor Printing

·      AutoFill

·      ExcelKeyboard Shortcuts

·      And much, much more!

This workshop is for:

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Jobseekers looking to upgrade their skills for work

Individuals who are beginners when using the computer

Young Adults(19 – 30 years)

Anyone willing to learn a new skill


Job roles that use this skill heavily:

·      Office administration

·      Office managers

·      Customer service representatives

·      Human Resources roles

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